SignalRed Secure SDLC

We build the DevSecOps pipelines and integrate the best security practices in your development process using our Application Security Orchestration and Corelation Platform

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SignalRed SDLC

Our comprehensive Application Security Orchestration and Correlation solution leverages existing products and the custom approach to deliver the exceptional SDLC quality

Our ASOC Platform API facilitates the integration of vulnerability scanners with the CI/CD pipeline and the defect tracking systems.
During implementation, we add custom testing scenarios to ensure highest coverage.

Correlation and Orchestration

The ASOC Platform aggregates various security testing solutions (SCA, DAST, SAST, etc), and correlates their output to create actionable dashboards.
Data aggregation from various sources enables prioritization of remediation efforts and enhances the time-to-fix metric.

Secure SDLC

As a result of the efforts, we develop various components the organization's Secure Software Development Life Cycle.
Apart from DevSecOps and ASOC components, we provide full support: continuous advisory, and security assessment as a service.

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