SignalRed provides the cutting edge next-generation penetration testing and secure development solutions to startups and large enterprises

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We deliver high quality cyber security solutions for any technical stack or industry
SignalRed (aka Continuous Technologies Global, Inc.) was incorporated in 2021 in the USA with the current HQ in Dubai, UAE.
The 20+ team behind the company has an extensive background in securing startups, internet companies, large enterprises, and transnational corporations in the USA, EMEA, and APAC. Multiple customers of SignalRed are NASDAQ-listed public companies, a large portion of customers are fintech companies and banks.

We did penetration testing, security assessment, and red teaming engagements, provided consulting, audits, and certification, helped building the SDLC and DevSecOps processes, carried out incident response and forensic investigations.

The current focus of the company is building the PTaaS, ASPM, and EASM product, automating our services and capitalizing decades of our experience.
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