Application Security Testing

Next-generation Application Security Testing offers a unique methodology combining industry-leading standards with business-specific approach

Next-Gen AppSec

We conduct the high-quality classical application security assessment engagements in an agile manner, delivering the results through the dynamic dashboards as well as the PDF reports

We ensure the full coverage of the application endpoints, API methods, server-side routes, source code files.
We go through every component of the system and test as many attack scenarios as possible


We focus on the real vulnerabilities instead of low-risk vanity findings that bloat the reports.
We deliver the critical vulnerabilities along with the exploitation demonstration and risk level assessment


We provide the detailed remediation recommendations and provide the post-engagement consultations and support.
We do a free round of re-testing to ensure the complete resolution of the identified vulnerabilities

Our process

Our exceptional solutions are developed based on the industry, technical stack, and the business priorities of the Customer
— Start date
— Deadline
— IP addresses
— API endpoints
— Subnetworks
— Mobile applications
— Other assets

Identify the scope of engagement: the assets that you need to test. Those can be downloadable applications, source code repositories, network hosts, websites, API hosts, internal networks, Wi-Fi access points, emails or SaaS accounts, etc.
It is important to carefully define the scope to include everything that's important to the company.

Proposal parameters:
— Description of work
— Scope of work
— Price
— Duration
— Other terms

The proposal document will include a detailed technical and business methodology customized based on your requests as well as the information about our team and prior projects. Typically, we issue a proposal valid for 30 days and it includes 1 non-chargeable re-testing and full support for 12 months.
If you accept the proposal, we sign the contract with one of our legal entities.

Security testing stages:
— Reconnaissance
— Vulnerability identification
— Exploitation
— Reporting

During our engagements, we follow battle-tested methodologies such as OWASP Testing Guide, OWASP Mobile Testing Guide, OSSTMM, CBEST, TIBER, and others. The reports contain a detailed information about each finding as well as the mitigation recommendations, and an executive summary.

Post-project activities:
— Remediation strategy
— Consulting
— Re-testing

Within 12 months after any engagement, we guarantee the full support including the clarifications about the identified issues and proposed remediation strategy. Besides the consulting, we also perform a single re-testing of all the issues and update the final report accordingly.


You answer a few questions to give us an understanding of the goals, targets, limitations, and legal requirements of the testing


We carefully research the business requirements and the technological stack and estimate the workload and the costs of engagement


We follow the leading industry security testing standards to deliver the high quality report within the agreed timeline


For each iteration, we do free re-tests of the previously identified vulnerabilities and provide consultations

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