SignalRed PTaaS

We provide the continuous penetration testing solution as part of our Penetration Testing as a Service platform

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SignalRed PTaaS

Our Continuous Penetration Testing solution leverages the agile service practices combined with the PTaaS platform

Our PTaaS platform provides a dynamic interface to the penetration testing process. Customers get not just the static PDF documents but also an real-time progress report, re-testing interface, and Jira integration.

Continuous Pentest

Instead of one-time engagements each time requiring booking, scoping, and contracting, we can pre-allocate a dedicated team that will serve you throughout the year running various types of audits.

Full-stack outsourcing

Besides automation and penetration testing outsourcing, we can go further and implement the Secure SDLC process and also provide the vCISO consulting services, essentially acting as an external security department.

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